Closed due to the Corona Pandemic

Due to the current spread of coronavirus, we had to close our house until further notice. All events and educational programs are cancelled.

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In accordance with a direction of the City of Nuremberg, the Documentation Center will remain closed until at least the end of November.

No, as long as the Documentation Center is closed, all events have to be cancelled. We try to postpone them to a later date, however, this cannot be arranged for every event due to administrative restrictions.

During the current closing period all educational programs have to be cancelled. You do not have to do anything in this regard: all programs will be cancelled free of charge through our office. You will receive an e-mail from us with your program cancellation. The cancellation of program bookings will be processed in a chronological manner, thus, we kindly ask you for your patience. In case the Documentation Center will remain closed due to an extension of the closing period, also all program bookings of this potential expanded period will be cancelled free of charge. Also then, we will inform you.

We regret that no educational programs of any kind can be booked at the moment. Please wait to send in your booking inquiries until the Documentation Center can open again. We’ll let you know when that happens here on our website.

Due to administrative restrictions, we are currently unable to offer this service. We apologize for any inconvenience.