We Find Out about National Socialism
Inclusive programme for people with learning problems and learning disabilities

We Find Out about National Socialism

Instead of National Socialism, you can also say Nazi time.
In Nuremberg, there are still some big buildings from the Nazi time.
We will look at those.
There we will find out something about the Nazi time.
What happened then?
What are things like today?
We will find out many interesting things.
About the buildings.
And about the Nazi time.

Target group:

Inclusive programme offered for people with learning difficulty and learning disability


Akademie Caritas-Pirckheimer-Haus (CPH)



FormatDurationTarget groupLanguageParticipants (max)Cost * 
Moderated Programme 120 minutesA en 33 50,00 €Enquiry
Moderated Programme 180 minutesA en 33 70,00 €Enquiry
  • A = School and university students, young people (up to 18 years of age), apprentices, members of police and German army
  • B = Adults and tourists

* All prices are plus Admission price