Tour of the Grounds Plus
Tour of the grounds including a visit to the Golden Hall

Tour of the Grounds Plus

The Zeppelin Field with the Zeppelin Grandstand, which to a large extent has survived, is the one part of the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds which still tells visitors most about the history of the Party Rallies. While large parts of the grounds remained incomplete or had only been planned, numerous events were staged here. The tour gives visitors an overview of the grounds, explaining and deciphering the way National Socialist architecture functioned, as well as demonstrating how propaganda functioned during the Nazi Party Rallies. In addition, the tour includes a visit to the interior of the Zeppelin Grandstand, site of the so-called Golden Hall. This both impressive and sobering look behind the façades vividly illustrates the function of the buildings as an element of propaganda.

Please note: This guided tour for groups may only be booked in combination with an independent visit to the exhibition.

Because of scheduled events, the site will be only partially open on certain days in June and July 2020. The exact dates will be announced well in advance.
The entire Documentation Center will still be open during these times.

Target group:

young people, 8th to 12th form, apprentices, university students, police, army, adults


Art and Cultural Education Centre of the Museums in Nuremberg (KPZ)
History for All - Institute for Regional History(GFA)


FormatDurationTarget groupLanguageParticipants (max)Cost * 
Guided Tours 180 minutesA en , fr , it , pl , ru , es 33 90,00 €Enquiry
Guided Tours 180 minutesB en , fr , it , pl , ru , es 25 140,00 €Enquiry
  • A = School and university students, young people (up to 18 years of age), apprentices, members of police and German army
  • B = Adults and tourists

* All prices are plus Admission price