Words in Stone
Young people guide young people

Words in Stone

Why did Nuremberg become the "City of the Party Rallies"? What was the function of the sumptuously stage-managed mass spectacle Party Rally, and what world view can be understood from Nazi architecture? Learning by Discovering, the principle of Learning by Teaching, and dialogue are the focus of this activity-oriented programme. After a short introduction, small groups explore the area around the Congress Hall as well as parts of the exhibition.

Using additional material, they take an in-depth look at the Nazi Party Rallies. After this, the young people alternate in guiding each other, an approach which consolidates newly acquired expert knowledge, while simultaneously promoting presentation skills and the use of images as a source of historical knowledge.

Target group:

young people, 8th to 12th form, apprentices


History For All – Institute for Regional History(GFA)


FormatDurationTarget groupLanguageParticipants (max)Cost * 
Guided Tours 180 minutesA en 33 90,00 €Enquiry
  • A = School and university students, young people (up to 18 years of age), apprentices, members of police and German army
  • B = Adults and tourists

* All prices are plus Admission price