"Racial Diagnosis: Gypsy"

"Racial biological" examination of a Sinteza (determination of eye color). Picture Credit: Archive of the Documentation and Cultural Center of German Sinti and Roma

11 May to 2 July 2017

The starting point and emphasis of this exhibition is the National Socialists' genocide of the Sinti and Roma: from the marginalization and disenfranchisement of these minorities in the German Reich, to their systematic annihilation in occupied Europe. The perpetrators' documents are contrasted with historic private and family photos of the persecuted.

The second part addresses the history of the survivors in postwar Germany – for it was a long time before they were recognized as Nazi victims. It shows the relevant portion of the civil rights movement among German Sinti and Roma, and the effort to arouse social debate about the ideological and personal aspects of continuity from the era of the "Third Reich."

At the end of the exhibition, there is an outlook for the human rights situation for Sinti and Roma minorities in Europe since 1989.

An exhibition by the Documentation and Cultural Center of German Sinti and Roma, with support from the German Federal Cultural Foundation.


Free with admission