Transitional Justice
Transition from Dictatorships to Democracies

Transitional Justice

A tour of the permanent exhibition of the Memorium Nuremberg Trials will be the background for a dialogue on transitional justice. The moderated discussion will focus on different political and legal processes which deal with crimes committed during civil wars or crimes which were perpetrated by previous regimes. The dialogue will also facilitate an examination of how these processes can contribute to peace, justice and reconciliation.

The discussion will focus on the question of whether these various processes do in fact have similar aims, for example, in encouraging a western-type democracy, or whether the goals, conflict-ridden as they are, may even be unified in one single concept.

In addition, in the 4-hour programme, the term "transitional justice" is linked to the efforts of human rights groups to prevent impunity for human rights violations after the end of bloody conflicts or dictatorial regimes. By now, the rehabilitation of victims and the sentencing of perpetrators have become human rights standards and part of the international criminal justice system. Focus on a particular country may be arranged in advance.

Target group:

Students, adults, international civic education groups


Nuremberg Human Rights Centre (NMRZ)

FormatDurationTarget groupLanguageParticipants (max)Cost * 
Moderated Discussions 180 minutesA en 25 70,00 €Enquiry
Moderated Discussions 240 minutesA en 25 90,00 €Enquiry
Moderated Discussions 180 minutesB en 25 110,00 €Enquiry
Moderated Discussions 240 minutesB en 25 140,00 €Enquiry
  • A = School and university students, young people (up to 18 years of age), apprentices, members of police and German army
  • B = Adults and tourists

* All prices are plus Admission price