1. Documentation Center

In 1994, the City of Nuremberg decided to establish a Documentation Center in the Congress Hall. The competition for the design was won by Austrian architect Günther Domenig in 1998 with a concept that took a confrontational stance against the National Socialist structure. A corridor of glass and steel pierces the north wing of the Congress Hall diagonally like a spear, in a message of opposition to the stone monumentalism of the original design. The Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds opened on November 4, 2001.


The heart of the Documentation Center at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds is a permanent exhibition, "Fascination and Terror." It explores the causes and consequences of the criminal abuse of power by the National Socialist state (1933–1945). A Study Forum offers in-depth discussions and seminars, day-long study and project events, and guided tours of the Rally Grounds. A cinema and two large halls are available for temporary exhibitions and other events.