11. Luitpold Grove

The City of Nuremberg created the Luitpold Grove, named for Bavarian Prince Regent Luitpold (1821–1912), for the 1906 Bavaria State Exhibition. As early as 1927 and 1929, the National Socialists held their rallies here and in the inner city – events staged for the party to show itself off and glorify its "Führer," Adolf Hitler.

Nazi organizations like the SA and the SS held massed parades here with up to 150,000 participants. The climax was a ritual commemorating the dead. The event ended with the "consecration" of new flags and standards.


In 1933, the National Socialists reconfigured the Luitpold Grove as a paved meeting arena for their Party Rallies, with grandstands for 50,000 spectators.


After 1945, the City of Nuremberg turned the area back into a park. The Luitpold Arena, already partly destroyed in World War II, was demolished. The Luitpold Grove has hosted annual open air classical concerts since 2000.