Guided tours

The Medieval Dungeons were closed for restoration until June 2018. Now the first guided tours have resumed for a limited number of dates and times in July and August 2018. Expanded hours are expected to start in September 2018.

More about the guided tours

The medieval dungeons may only be visited on a guided tour.

We advise against visits to the dungeon by children under 10 years of age.

A guided tour for groups of up to 25 visitors is available in any of seven languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian and Chinese.

Group tours and how to book them
Kunst- und Kulturpädagogisches Zentrum der Museen in Nürnberg (KPZ)
Tel. +49 (0)911) 13 31 - 241
Fax +49 (0)911 13 31 - 318

Special note
Please wear warm clothes: Even in summer, the temperature in the medieval dungeons is fairly low!