German Elites Facing Trial
The Nuremberg Follow-up Trials

German Elites Facing Trial

In 1946–49, the United States held the so-called Follow-up Trials. As in the "Trial of the Main War Criminals", the counts of the indictment were aggressive war, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The trials revealed the extent to which National Socialist tyranny was supported by the German elites. The defendants were generals, doctors, diplomats, jurists and industrialists, government officials as well as heads of the SS and the police. The sentences varied greatly, from acquittal to death sentences. The last perpetrators to be imprisoned were released as early as 1958. In the context of the exhibition visit, the discussion will address the questions of who was responsible for these decisions and how they were reached.

During the visit to the permanent exhibition, all Follow-up trials will be compared with the "Trial of the Main War Criminals" and with each other, illustrating common points and differences. The 3-hour version takes a closer look mainly at the crimes committed by the Wehrmacht. In the 4-hour programme, the group will also address the Einsatzgruppen Trial. Further focus topics, such as the Industrialists' Trials, may be arranged in advance.

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