Medicine without Conscience
The Nuremberg Doctors' Trial

Medicine without Conscience

During the National Socialist era, morals and ethics as guiding principles of medicine were replaced by an approach which believed in superior and inferior races. Guided by this belief, doctors acted as "caretakers for genes" and "watchdogs over racial purity". 22 formerly leading doctors and health officials, including one female doctor, were in the dock in Nuremberg in 1946/47. They stood trial for numerous murders, acts of cruelty and inhumane experiments carried out in concentration camps, research institutes, hospitals and care institutions. None of the defendants uttered a single word of remorse.

The moderated discussion will take a close look at the ideological background of these medical crimes and at the practical purposes they pursued. Participants will analyse examples of evidence, defence strategies, and contemporary reporting. The programme comprises a guided tour of the exhibition and Court Room 600 (if no trial is in progress) and seminar modules in the Study Centre.

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