Trials of National Socialists in the Federal Republic of Germany
The Auschwitz Trial and Courts Dealing with National Socialist Crimes

Trials of National Socialists in the Federal Republic of Germany

To start with, the Nuremberg Trials will be presented and discussed with the group during a guided tour of the exhibition. Then a close look will be taken at how the judicial system in the Federal Republic of Germany prosecuted National Socialist crimes. The system was rather hesitant in starting to deal with National Socialist crimes. The so-called Auschwitz Trial, held in Frankfurt from 1963–1965, marked a turning point. Here, staff of Auschwitz concentration camp were called to account and legally sentenced by a German court.

In a joint discussion or, alternatively, in group work, the background of this major Frankfurt trial, its proceedings and its socio-political implications will be analysed in depth. The 3-hour programme, in addition, will also illustrate the work of Fritz Bauer, Prosecutor General of the state of Hesse. The 4-hour programme will also address the Majdanek Trial (1975–1981 in Düsseldorf).

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