6.00 EUR Adults:
1.50 EUR Concessions:
1.50 EUR School students in class, per student:
5.00 EUR Groups over 15 persons, per person:
6.50 EUR Small Group Ticket 1
(one adult and up to 3 children under 18 years):
12.50 EUR Small Group Ticket 2
(two adults and up to 3 children under 18 years):

Admission for special exhibitions

Admission prices for special exhibitions may vary according to the terms negotiated with outside organizers.

Day Tickets

For an additional 3.00 Euros, you can use your entrance ticket as a day ticket, i.e. on the same day, you can visit any other municipal museums with the ticket purchased at the Museum for Industrial Culture, free of charge.

Annual season tickets

An annual season ticket for Nuremberg Municipal Museums allows you to visit all municipal museums for one year, starting from the day of issue:

28.00 EUR Annual Season Ticket
(personalised, only valid for ticket holder)
42.00 EUR Annual Season Ticket XL
(personalised, valid for ticket holder and one accompanying adult and own children)
5.00 EUR Annual Season Ticket Nuremberg Pass
(personalised, valid for ticket holder who also holds a valid Nuremberg Pass)

You can purchase or order personalized annual season tickets at the following places:

  • At the museum ticket offices:
    Order the annual season ticket with the option of paying immediately or being billed. The season ticket will be sent to you by mail. If you pay immediately, the cash register receipt can be used as a temporary pass for visiting the City of Nuremberg's museums until you receive the actual season ticket (no more than 4 weeks later).
  • At the Directorate of the Nuremberg Municipal Museums:
    Order the annual season ticket, which will be mailed and invoiced to you.

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