Audio guides

Use geolocation for a more informative visit.

The Nuremberg Museum for Industrial Culture is the first museum to use an iPod touch-based guide system for visitors. The mobile guide system detects exactly where you are in the museum, and tells you more about what you see around you. It’s based on the "Awiloc" indoor location-finding system developed by Fraunhofer IIS, and uses the Wi-Fi network infrastructure.

To get a good sense of how vividly and informatively the Museum for Industrial Culture has put this resource to work, try looking at the historic steam engine that stands at the heart of the museum. When you're here, the iPod touch runs an animated film about how this gigantic machine operated. Another segment gives a picture of working conditions in factories during the steam-engine era.

The information – a total of 180 additional films, audio talks and text articles – was prepared by the museum's development partner art2guide in close collaboration with museum staff. Of course you can always choose whether or not to use the additional information at any station. After all – the iPod touch is meant not as a distraction into the virtual world, but to take you deeper into the items on exhibit.