"grenzenlos": Nuremberg Meets Shenzhen, China

13th International Celebration of Sister Cities

A happy Shenzhen holiday. Picture credit: Bernd Telle

For the 13th time, in cooperation with the Nuremberg City Office of International Relations, the "grenzenlos[WS1] " festival (Without Borders festival) will be held to present Nuremberg's "twinned" or "sister" cities. The spotlight in the summer of 2017 will be on Shenzhen.

This city in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong is the country's boom town. Once a small coastal settlement overshadowed by Hong Kong, since 1980 the city has burgeoned at a breathtaking pace into a prosperous, ultramodern business metropolis of some 15 million inhabitants. When the partnership between Shenzhen and Nuremberg became official in 1997, the original focus was on commercial aspects. But cultural contacts have now come to play an equal role. The ongoing cultural and economic dialog, not to mention tourism, has also helped build up close personal relationships over the past 20 years. The Chinese have said they consider the people of their partner region of Nuremberg not just friends, but "family."

The anniversary of the partnership is a welcome occasion to focus on our Chinese sister city in a high-quality cultural program.


Free with admission