The "Kids on Top" activity area for children

The "Kids on Top" activity area on the top floor of the Toy Museum. Photo: Uwe Niklas

Children take the lead in the "Kids on Top" activity area. This area has provided kids with a realm of their own on the top floor of the Toy Museum since the summer 1999 remodel.

A large, artistically designed room invites young visitors to try out a wide range of group games and games of skill, experiment with various construction sets in a "builders' shed," and explore an interactive toy relief. They can paint and do handicrafts, identify toys by touch in special boxes, and even make the stars rise in the sky.

A trained educational staff member helps the kids make the most of the room's many play opportunities.

The activity area on the top floor can be rented for birthday parties. If a birthday party is being held, the play area may be closed to the public after about 2 on some afternoons from Tuesday to Friday.

To avoid disappointment, please telephone in advance to find out whether the play area will be open on the afternoon when you plan to visit. The ticket office will be happy to provide information:
Tel. (0911) 231 - 31 64