Behind the scenes – The Virtual Storeroom

Recording and inputting collection data at the computer.

The Toy Museum's holdings comprise some 85,000 objects. Only about five percent of these can be displayed in the Museum itself; the rest slumber in storage. But here you have a unique opportunity to get an electronic look behind the scenes at the Museum. Our database currently offers about 84,000 items for you to research at your leisure.

A systematic computerized text and graphics inventory of the Museum's extensive stored holdings began at the end of 1994. With support from the State Jobs Administration, the State Agency for Non-State-Owned Museums in Munich, and the Friends of the Toy Museum, academically trained experts had inventoried about 95 percent of the Museum's holdings by the beginning of 2012.

Visually documenting an object at the photographic table.

All photographs are for purely documentary purposes, so you mustn't expect "glamor shots." Also, please note that this resource primarily includes holdings that are kept in storage. Only a small number of items on permanent exhibition – for example, from the wooden toy collection – are included.

The Toy Museum team wishes you a highly informative visit to the Virtual Storeroom!
Virtual Storeroom

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