Jail for prisoners awaiting trial

The dungeons were not a jail for prisoners serving a sentence, but rather for those awaiting trial. In addition to some relatively simple cells, there were also cells with a variety of special furnishings to accommodate prisoners before and during trials.

The following rooms can be visited on the tour:

  • "Normal" cells for prisoners awaiting trial
  • "Stock cells" for "hardened" prisoners awaiting trial
  • Punishment cells for arsonists and slanderers
  • The torture chamber, called the "Chapel"
  • The so-called "death cells"
  • Hangman's room for the last meal before execution
  • Smithy for manufacturing fetters
  • Prison kitchen
  • Well house with water supply

The torture chamber

Because of its shape, the torture chamber is also called the "Chapel." A collection of torture instruments is on display here: This is the room where prisoners were tortured to obtain a confession by force if they denied the crimes of which they were accused.