Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds

From 1933 to 1938, the National Socialists held their Party Rallies in Nuremberg. Today remains of huge structures still bear witness to how this propaganda display was organized and produced. The exhibition in the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds gives a comprehensive picture of the National Socialist dictatorship as well as the history of the Party Rallies. The educational forum offers numerous programs, and information boards on the Nazi Party Rally Grounds, which cover 4 square kilometers, explain the history of the site.

Limited access

Through the end of May, 2020, vehicles will be able to enter and exit the Documentation Center via Münchener Strasse only.

The Nazi Party Rally Grounds in World War II

Imprisonment, Mass Murder and Forced Labour

May 9th, 2019 till February 2nd, 2020

Future Projects at the Documentation Center

Update on construction work and its impact on opening hours

Fascination and Terror

Guided Tour of the Documentation Center's Permanent Exhibition