Mission statement

Nuremberg Municipal Museums

History – Preservation – Encounters

The Nuremberg Municipal Museums are a network of seven museums, two historic places of interest and several collections, making them one of the largest municipal museum organizations in Germany. Taken all together, they offer a walking tour of the city's memory, covering every major era and aspect of Nuremberg's history and art, in the context of both Germany and Europe as a whole.

We collect, preserve, research and present physical testaments to the past at the locations where events actually took place, making an important contribution to preserving Nuremberg's identity for the present and the future. We are also committed to sharing the responsibility for culture, education and civic cooperation in Nuremberg.

Our Museums are innovative and open to everyone. We take an interest in new topics and methods, new questions and interpretations. We communicate history and art with a focus on the visitor and on the latest scholarship. Our museum language is vivid and understandable. One special emphasis is on presenting everyday life across all social strata and eras. Telling these stories provides a direct encounter with history.

We fulfill our commitment by working carefully with the available resources. We cooperate with partners in both the public and the private sphere. We are careful to ensure that everyone who works at our Museums is assigned appropriately and has the right qualifications for their tasks.

We are certain of the many advantages of our united museum network and feel an obligation to maintain a shared profile.

Nuremberg, December 2007

The Staff of the Nuremberg Municipal Museums