As was the case for the original creation of the Documentation Center, the construction costs will be shared among the Federal Government, the Free State of Bavaria and the City of Nuremberg. This is an expression of the ongoing shared commitment to keep future generations informed, at the world's best-known site of the National Socialists' staged spectacles, about the ways in which the Nazi regime established, presented and propagandized itself and its social image, along with the consequences.

The costs will be shared as follows:

  • 7 million euros as a grant from the Federal Government as part of the National Urban Development Projects program
  • 3 million euros as a grant from the Free State of Bavaria, through the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs
  • 1 million euros from the Free State of Bavaria out of funds for urban development in the Central Franconia district
  • 5.8 million euros in own funding from the City of Nuremberg