Remodeling work at the Documentation Center began in the fall of 2020. Due to the current spread of coronavirus, we are closing our house until further notice. From February 10, 2021 until probably the fall of 2023, a specially designed Interim Exhibition, "Nuremberg – Site of the Nazi Party Rallies. The Staging, the Experience, the Violence," in the large Exhibition Hall of the Documentation Center, will present a concise history of the Nazi Party Rallies and the Grounds.

Please note that regrettably, from early 2021 onwards the expansion of the Documentation Center and the installation of a new Permanent Exhibition will necessitate limitations on visitor traffic and sometimes significant noise from the construction work. Please check our website in advance for the opening hours of the Interim Exhibition, new educational programs, and the revised street approach to the building.

Current plans call for the expansion work to be completed by the end of 2022, and the new Permanent Exhibition should open at the end of 2023.