Picture gallery for the expansion of the Documentation Center

Early to mid-September 2021

Top to bottom: The way up to the former lobby has now been cleared. A new staircase here will take visitors up from the new ground-floor entrance and food service area to the lobby above. The "old" staircase of the Documentation Center is easy to see, along with the "spear" structure thrust through the old building – now viewed for the first time from below.

End of May 2021

Wire saws at work: "Wire saws" have been used to cut through walls so as to open up new rooms for the Documentation Center.

End of April 2021

Hardly recognizable: The former lobby and offices at the Documentation Center

Early April 2021

Protecting the glass passageway
All glass in the lobby, and especially Domenig's glass passageway, will be protected during the upcoming demolition work, and carefully packed in appropriate materials.

Mid-March 2021

The construction sign is up!

Early March 2021

Preparations for new building systems
The lobby of the Documentation Center is unrecognizable – the floor has to go, and the old building systems for everything from heat to plumbing to wiring are going to be replaced. In the meantime, temporary supports hold up the ceiling in the gutted ground floor until new walls can be installed.

Mid-February 2021

Demolition of the former visitor WC installation

Early February 2021

Rooms gone dark. Empty showcases. Bare walls. Explanatory panels packed away. The objects on exhibit in the old exhibition will be carefully restored and put into storage. After nearly 20 years of service, the exhibition fixtures will be demolished. And after the remodeling – by the end of 2023 this will be the home of a whole new exhibition!

End of January 2021

Next step: the first penetration has been opened up from below. Now the ground floor of the Congress Hall is directly connected with the Documentation Center lobby. Meanwhile, the new ticketing area in the container structure is ready to welcome visitors to the Interim Exhibition.

Mid-January 2021

Removing fixtures from the lobby: The Documentation Center lobby is being completely redesigned. The old information desk, ticket desk and audio guide desk had to be removed so the floor could be opened up for the planned staircase from below.

Mid-December 2020

New space for staff: During remodeling, the offices at the Documentation Center will be unusable and the lobby will be closed. The ticket desk and information area, along with various areas for employees, will be housed in containers newly set up along the Dutzendteich Lake. Another container in the interior courtyard at the Congress Hall will serve as an interim seminar room.

End of October 2020

Interim use: For the duration of the remodeling work, the library is moving into the rooms used by the Study Forum. These will not be affected by the construction work.