Picture gallery for the Interim Exhibition

May 28, 2021

First visitors to the new Interim Exhibition

The Interim Exhibition, titled "Nuremberg – Site of the Nazi Party Rallies. Staging, Experience and Violence," opened today. Museum Director Florian Dierl was delighted to welcome the first visitor – a guest from northern Germany – at the new ticketing area, and to present him with a commemorative memento. Visitors from all over the world can now find out once again about the history of National Socialism and its consequences for the city of Nuremberg, right inside the historic site itself – at the "Congress Hall."

Early May 2021

Outside area ready for visitors: The infrastructure for the Interim Exhibition is all set. We're looking forward to our first guests!

March 24, 2021

A head-turner: Graphics installed on the construction fence around the Documentation Center at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds now offer initial views of the design and contents of the upcoming Interim Exhibition, "Nuremberg – Site of the Nazi Party Rallies. The Staging, the Experience, the Violence." Practical information about the exhibition and the construction project is interspersed with all sorts of highlights of the show, which has already been set up inside. Even before the exhibition opens, a special selection of photographs and objects invites passers-by to guess about what else awaits them within. Come and stop by!

Early March 2021

To comply with fire safety regulations, a separate stair tower specially installed for the Interim Exhibition adds one more escape route from the hall.

Early February 2021

The last touch – Setting up the objects

Putting on the last touches to the Interim Exhibition. Showcases are filled, objects are carefully put in place. Whether a photo, a banknote, an ID card, sports equipment or a sculpture – each exhibit here has its own tale to tell. The exhibition is ready for viewers!

End of January 2021

Media at the Interim Exhibition clear their first test

It works! Adjusting the exhibition's large projections is a precision job. Touch monitors are tested to make sure they work properly. After the first test of all the exhibition’s media and projections, now it's time for fine tuning.

Early December 2020

An exciting moment: setup has begun on the Interim Exhibition in the large exhibition hall. Some of the more recent periods covered are already visible from the banners, and carpenters are completing the first table displays. Large items are already being fitted in.

Mid-October 2020

Getting started on preparing the building for the Interim Exhibition in the Large Exhibition Hall. Here: installing new emergency exit stairs; work on the future entrance; installing new walls.