The Academic Advisory Board

The Academic Advisory Board will advise the City of Nuremberg on dealing with the history of the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds. Photo: Nürnberg Luftbild, Hajo Dietz

The Academic Advisory Board for the memorial site at the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds took office in December 2019:

  • Prof. Dr. Charlotte Bühl-Gramer, Professor of History Education, Erlangen-Nuremberg University, Chair
  • Dr. Axel Drecoll, Director, Brandenburg Memorials Foundation
  • Prof. Dr. Neil Gregor, Professor of Modern European History, University of Southampton, Vice-Chair
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Klein, Professor of Holocaust Communication and Tolerance, Touro College Berlin
  • Prof. Dr. Dietmar Süß, Professor of Recent and Contemporary History, Augsburg University
  • Prof. Dr. Max Welch Guerra, Director, Bauhaus Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture and Planning, Bauhaus University, Weimar
  • Unknown