Cultural and intellectual life

A view of unique, splendidly decorated rooms. Photo: Erich Malter

The rooms on the first floor of the main building were re-designed in 1734-35 by Italian stucco artist Donato Polli (1663-1738).

Today the landing serves as a portrait gallery of Nuremberg artists, theologians, and scholars, mainly from the eighteenth century. This gallery sheds new light on an epoch in Nuremberg's history whose culture and importance has been underrated. Nuremberg University at Altdorf, Nuremberg schools, libraries, scientific colleges, the "Pegnesische Blumenorden", a society for the promotion of the German language, the Art College, and numerous private art collections reflect Nuremberg's lively intellectual and artistic scene.

The adjacent corner room with its delicate Rococo stucco is among the most beautiful rooms created by Polli. It is dedicated to Nuremberg's rich musical tradition, and music by Nuremberg masters from three centuries is presented in a 20-minute audio program (visitors may select titles).

Sound station: Music by Nuremberg masters
20 minutes