Art & Crafts.

The market for fine things

The popular sales exhibition at the Fembo-House.

Christmas Sales Exhibition
1 to 11 December 2016

During the Christmas season, the City Museum at Fembo's House, the only Nuremberg burgher's house to survive from the Renaissance, will host the famous "Kunst- & Handwerk" – "Art & Crafts" – sale and exhibition for the 39th time. This "market for fine things" offers visitors lovingly crafted works of distinctive skill, uniqueness and quality.

The stylish rooms of the former patrician mansion present works from every field of artisanal creation. The range of products includes fine jewelry made of a wide range of materials, porcelain and glassware, fine paper pieces, wood carvings, artistic sculpture and more. Useful and decorative items for everyday use are accompanied by fashionable and functional accessories and a great many other "fine things" that make life more enjoyable.

The Fembo-House's incomparable atmosphere is sure to put the whole family in the Christmas spirit.