Friedrich Wilhelm Wanderer: Nuremberg as the Custodian of the Imperial Regalia, ca. 1895/1901. Picture credit: Nuremberg Municipal Art Collections

A tour of the city's history

Reserving group tour

The new "A Crown – Power – History" exhibition at the City Museum at the Fembo House offers an exciting overview of the city's history. A particular focus is the Imperial Regalia, the most important treasure of the Holy Roman Empire. The detailed new presentation of these valuable replicas provides the focal point for a vivid portrayal of Nuremberg's history, for the regalia stood for centuries as a symbol of the city's immense importance. After a visit to this exhibition, the tour also includes some of the most important sites in the Old Town, showing how much of Nuremberg's great past still survives in its cityscape.

Tour is limited to a maximum of 25 participants.

Booking and advice:
Geschichte Für Alle e.V.
Tel. (0911) 30 73 60

90 - 120 minutes
EUR 120 plus museum admission per person