Museum for Industrial Culture

In the mid 1980s, a novel type of museum was developed in Nuremberg – covering technical, cultural and social history – the Museum for Industrial Culture in the east of Nuremberg. The museum is located in the hall of a former screw factory, which was part of the Julius Tafel iron works, established in 1876 and closed down in 1975. This hall and the adjacent administrative block are the last remaining buildings of this vast former industrial complex. All other structures of the former Tafel works were demolished in 1990.

Now reopened!

Museum for Industrial Culture opens its doors again

Motorcycle Museum

Motorcycle production in Nuremberg started in 1901, when some bicycle manufacturers began experimenting with motorizing their vehicles. Soon after, the Victoria and Hercules companies launched their first motorcycles on the market, followed by other successful companies like Ardie, Mars and Zündapp.