Museum Lane: culture and industry

On November 27, 2023, the Museum for Industrial Culture will be closing for extensive restoration and renovation. The work, which is expected to take two years, will include updates to the fire protection facilities, an upgrade of the building’s energy efficiency, and various other structural improvements. Then the Permanent Exhibition will be revised to reopen for visitors in a modernized presentation.
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Stroll along the Museum Lane to experience historically recreated venues that bring together technological, cultural, and social history. On the one side of the path, museum exhibits like a steam engine hall and printer’s workshop document working life in the industrial age. On the other side, living spaces and a cinema reflect everyday life away from the factories and offices. The museum traces the path of development into the present day and looks ahead into the future.

The focus is not on major historical events such as war or political upheaval but on the life of people from all social classes: their day-to-day lives, their living and working conditions, how they celebrated, their educational system, their recreational activities, their art and culture, and the ties between their private and public lives. All this is woven together in a presentation of the history of industrialization in Nuremberg – the industrial heart of Bavaria in the 19th century.