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Childhood dreams

Doll houses, toy trains, steam engines, cardboard theaters – the Toy Museum houses unsuspected treasures from Nuremberg and other German toy-making regions. Come recall the toys you dreamed about as a child. Our tour leaves you room to make your own discoveries, and shows how toys reflect changes in society and new inventions in technology.

Duration: 60/ 90 minutes

Just for boys – just for girls?

Why are there specialized toys for boys and girls? Trace the development of toys from medieval clay dolls to the Gameboy, and enjoy an amusing discussion of traditional stereotypes. (You can also find out why some dolls can flutter their eyelashes so appealingly.)

Duration: 60/ 90 minutes

Living small: Doll houses

How did people furnish their homes in the old days? Have household goods changed over time? A look at historic doll-sized kitchens, parlors and houses gives an unexpectedly detailed picture of daily life in other times.

Duration: 60 minutes

Available languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese.

Tour is limited to a maximum of 25 participants.


60 minutesEUR 85 plus museum admission per person
90 minutesEUR 100 plus museum admission per person

A higher tour fee is charged for tours outside regular opening hours.
Cancellations must be received four business days in advance.

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