Patrons and sponsors

Our deepest thanks to the patrons and sponsors of the Tucher Mansion Museum and Hirsvogel Hall.

Without their support, it would never have been possible to reconstruct and finish this establishment.

Sponsors who have supported individual exhibitions or events are not listed here; their names appear in the informational materials specific to that particular exhibition or event.

Sponsors of the Museum Tucher Mansion

Bavarian State Department of Non-State-Owned Museums in Bavaria
Nuremberg Noris Lions Club

Sponsors of the Hirsvogel Hall

Bayerische Landesstiftung, Munich
Bayerische Sparkassenstiftung, Munich
Kulturstiftung der Sparkasse Nürnberg
Nuremberg Noris Lions Club
Messerschmitt Foundation, Munich
Dr. Walter, Hildegard und Angelika Oschmann Stiftung, Nuremberg
Wacker-Chemie GmbH