Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds reopened!

Documentation Center is reopened. You can find more details on this site.

Visitors to the Documentation Center must comply with the applicable rules for hygiene and social distancing, which are intended to protect both visitors and staff. Visitors must wear a mask covering nose and mouth and are strongly urged to follow the museum’s hygiene rules. Please also note that the entrance arrangements have changed. You'll find an explanation when you arrive.

Rules for hygiene and social distancing due to the coronavirus mean that there may be a wait for admission, because building occupancy numbers are limited and there are special admission regulations.

There will be no guided tours or special events. Rest areas and food service will remain closed for the time being.

If you feel ill, or have had contact with someone with a case of COVID-19 during the past 14 days, please be considerate of the need for general protection against this infection and cancel or reschedule your plans to visit the Documentation Center.

At the moment and until further notice, there will be no special events or guided tours, because of official limitations on contact. We are doing all we can to reschedule planned events to a later date, or to offer a digital substitute. But organizational circumstances unfortunately make this impossible for some events. We will keep you informed of the current status of special events at
Events calendar

No educational programs will be held as long as the official limitations on contact still apply. Unfortunately there is no way for us to determine a date yet for when our programs will be able to resume. If you have already booked an educational program at our facility for a date when the official contact limitations are still in effect, there is no need for you to do anything. We will cancel all programs from our end. There will be no charge. We will send you an email in good time with the cancellation notice. Our reservations are being processed in chronological order, so please be patient.

As coronavirus (Covid-19) prevention measures are easing, we have begun taking limited reservations again for our educational programs.
Guided tours outdoors are limited to 15 participants. Indoor tours of the Documentation Center are limited to 10 participants. Please note the requirement to wear a mask covering nose and mouth. You must provide your own mask. You will need to wear the mask for the entire tour and maintain minimum social distancing of 1.5 meters.
Guided Tours for Groups

For groups, unfortunately we cannot take any reservations at the moment for visiting the exhibitions using an audio guide. If you are interested in visiting later this year, however, please do email us so that we can tentatively reserve a date. We will keep you posted about current developments here on our website. There is no charge for canceling an audio guide reservation.