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The Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds holds a great many objects, books, magazines, newspapers, post cards and photos from the era of National Socialism. The institution was not originally intended as a full-fledged museum whose duties would include collecting, conserving, researching and exhibiting its holdings. Its Permanent Exhibition was simply supposed to document the events of the Nazi Party Rallies and the historic location where they were held – the essential meaning of the name "Documentation Center."

On the way to a museum of a period's history

But that approach couldn't last long. There were specialized questions to be answered, a library of specialty books to be assembled for the purpose, and a need to research special exhibitions. Gradually this research, along with countless donations from the public, also yielded an inventory of historical objects – in fact, a collection.

As part of the renovation of the Documentation Center, all segments of the collection are being recorded digitally and will eventually be stored professionally in new spaces.

Acceptance of new items sharply cut back until 2026

At the moment we're completely redesigning our Permanent Exhibition. Our entire staff is hard at work on this major project. So until the end of 2025, we'll unfortunately be unable to accept new objects, photos, books, etc., for the collection.

There are a few exceptions. We can still accept photos, private documents (diaries, letters, post cards) and other objects that relate directly to the Nazi Party Rallies in Nuremberg and to Nuremberg during the National Socialist era. We can also accept materials relating to the history of the prisoner of war camp in Langwasser during the war, or to the history of the site after 1945 (the Valka camp, Norisring races, Rock im Park, etc.).

Additionally, we will only be able to offer a very limited amount of lending and consulting until the end of 2025.

But in 2026 the Documentation Center will once again become fully available as a contact and "disposal site" for legacies from the era of National Socialism.


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Tel. +49 (0)911 231 - 1 68 89 (Daniela Harbeck-Barthel, Museologist)
Tel. +49 (0)911 231 - 84 12 (Dr. Alexander Schmidt, Collection curator)

Objects and their histories

The "Brought to Light" series can help you find out about special and everyday items from the Documentation Center's collection.
Brought to Light