Questions about research

The Documentation Center has no archive of its own, only rather small holdings of documents and photographs about the history of construction at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds. If you have questions about the following topic areas, please contact the archives listed below:

Documents and photographs on the construction history of the Nazi Party Rally Grounds and documents on denazification:
Nuremberg Municipal Archives

Administrative events relating to Middle Franconia, 1933-45:
Nuremberg State Archives

Documents about the internal condition, functioning, self-image and procedures of the National Socialist party at the Gauleiter and Kreisleiter levels, and documents on denazification:
Munich State Archives

Personnel files on officials of the Bavarian state government, 1933-45:
Munich State Archives

File of National Socialist party members, holdings of the former Berlin Document Center, personnel data on the National Socialist elite 1933-45, finding aids on membership in the SA, SS and other National Socialist organizations:
The Federal Archives

The German Search Service (Deutscher Suchdienst, WASt) preserves original documentation of the former German Wehrmacht and other military and paramilitary units from the World War II era, and provides information to family members on the personal data of participants in the war.
WASt Deutscher Suchdienst

The International Search Service (Internationaler Suchdienst, ITS) in Bad Arolsen assists victims of Nazi persecution and their family members by documenting their fate through its archives. The ITS preserves this historical evidence and makes it available to researchers.
ITS Internationaler Suchdienst