Questions about your exhibition visit

The Documentation Center is being remodeled, and the former Permanent Exhibition is now closed. Instead, a specially conceived, compact Interim Exhibition in the Large Exhibition Hall presents the history of the Nazi Party Rallies and the Rally Grounds.
Please note our advice for buses

Only part of the Documentation Center at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds is open at present because of the expansion project. The former Permanent Exhibition is closed. A specially conceived Interim Exhibition in the Large Exhibition Hall, “Nuremberg – Site of the Nazi Party Rallies. Staging, Experience and Violence” presents a compact history of the Nazi Party Rallies and the Rally Grounds. Exhibition texts are in two languages (German and English). There is no audio guide. An educational program to accompany the Interim Exhibition is available by reservation, and complies with current pandemic regulations. Please note that the entrance and parking situation has changed because of construction. The construction work may cause noise on occasion during your visit to the exhibition; we apologize and hope for your indulgence.

The texts for the Interim Exhibition are in German and English. There is no additional audio guide.

You can use the following methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • girocard
  • Credit Cards: VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro

On average, you will need 60 minutes for a visit to the Documentation Center.

In the rooms you may take photos with no flash and without the use of tripods for personal, non-commercial use only. There is no charge for this. Publication of the photos on social media is not permitted.
Permission must be requested in advance for all other purposes. Please contact our administrative office
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We regret that at the moment we cannot take reservations for groups to visit the exhibition. If you are interested in visiting later this year, however, please do email us so that we can tentatively reserve a date. We will keep you posted about current developments on our website at
Restrictions because of coronavirus

The exhibition at the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds is not suitable for children under the age of 14. Visits by school groups are advisable only for grade 8 and above, provided the topic has been addressed in class.

According to our statutes, dogs – with the exception of guide dogs for the blind – are not permitted in any of the Nuremberg Municipal Museums .

There is no drop-off area for cars at the entrance to the Interim Exhibition. Please plan on a brief walk, about 5 minutes, from your parking space to the exhibition. Very limited parking for cars is available right at the Congress Hall; bus parking is available in the courtyard. There is a charge for all parking on weekends and during local festivals.

Yes. Access to the entrance to the Interim Exhibition has no stairs; the exhibition is on a single level. A wheelchair-accessible WC with ramp is located next to the temporary ticket office structure.

Near to the entrance, there are two parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities.

The former Nazi Party Rally Grounds are freely accessible. At 23 locations all over the grounds, panels in German and English provide information about the history of the site. For a first short tour, you should plan about 90 minutes. You may buy a map (German/English/French/Spanish/Russian/Czech) at the Documentation Center ticket office.

The association "Geschichte Für Alle" (History for All) offers a 2-hour tour of the grounds in German nearly every Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m. (7 Euros / concessions 6 Euros). Meeting point is at the Documentation Centre information desk.

The Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds offers internships for students of history and related subjects so they can fulfill their internship requirements. Basic knowledge of the specific subject area and command of the German language are prerequisites. The internship will last at least 6 weeks. Unfortunately, interns cannot be paid.
If interested, please send us your application materials and indicate a preferred interview date. You can also submit your materials digitally if you wish.
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Because of current restrictions owing to the coronavirus epidemic, the Documentation Center will not be filling internship positions until further notice. For the time being, please do not submit applications.