Triumph of the Will
Propaganda Film

Triumph of the Will

(D 1934, 114 minutes, director: Leni Riefenstahl)

To this day, Leni Riefenstahl's Party Rally film Triumph of the Will is still considered a masterpiece of film technology. This propaganda film, today a so-called film with a caveat, stylises Hitler as an icon, and elevates the National Socialist movement to a quasi-religious level. The documentary character Riefenstahl claims for her film fades into the background. Before viewing the film, the group is given some suggestions for precise observation of its technical implementation and dramatic composition. During evaluation after the viewing, the making of the film and its effect are analysed, and the political responsibility of the director, Leni Riefenstahl, is discussed.

Please note: this programme does not include a visit to the exhibition.


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Filmdiskussionen 180 minutesA en 90 70,00 €Enquiry
  • A = School and university students, young people (up to 18 years of age), apprentices, members of police and German army
  • B = Adults and tourists

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