The National Socialists used a wide variety of media for their propaganda. Photo: Astrid Betz

The Nazi's well-organised propaganda was one of their most efficient instruments of power. Through the use of various media, the population was again and again indoctrinated with the same messages. With postcards, posters and photographs, as well as excerpts from Leni Riefenstahl's film "Triumph of the Will", the group analyzes the content, goals and mechanisms of the propaganda. During 2 hours, the structue of the Nazi propaganda machinery and is worked out, and caricature is adressed as an important genre of anti-Semitic visual propaganda.

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Target group:

Young people, Grade 8 to 12, trainees, university students, police service, armed forces


2 hours

Participants (max):

25 persons or one school class


70 EUR plus entrance fee


History for All – Institute for Regional History (GFA)