Financing for the project for the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds was finalized in June 1999 at an estimated DM 18 million (EUR 9 million). The Federal Republic of Germany, the Free State of Bavaria in conjunction with the Bavarian State Foundation, and the City of Nuremberg in conjunction with the District of Middle Franconia, each assumed one-third of the investment cost, thus jointly sharing the responsibility for this task of national importance. The City of Nuremberg pays for ongoing maintenance of the Documentation Center.

The exhibitions and the associated Study Forum received continuing support even after 2001 from:

  • The Bavarian State Agency for Civic Education
  • The District of Middle Franconia
  • The State Office for Non-State Museums in Bavaria
  • Publisher Bruno Schnell/ Nürnberger Presse publishing house
  • Foundation to Support the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds
  • Zukunftsstiftung of Sparkasse Nürnberg