We welcome your encouragement and support for our work. Donations can be made by bank transfer to the account below. When specifying the intended use of your donation on the transfer form, please use the key word "26704410000-KUM/6 DokuZ," and if you wish, indicate the purpose for which you would like to earmark your donation, such as "library." You can also notify us in advance of an incoming donation in cash or kind via e-mail on our contact form. Please include both your address and your telephone number if you would like a receipt for your donation, or if you have any questions.

Account number 1 010 941
Bank code (Bankleitzahl) 760 501 01
Sparkasse Nürnberg
IBAN: DE50 7605010110001010941
Intended use: "26704410000-KUM/6 DokuZ"

Receipt for donations for the tax office?
Your donation is tax-deductible. If you make a donation and let us know your address, we will automatically send you a receipt for the tax office. We issue these receipts no later than mid-February of the year following the donation.