Focus on history

The remains of huge structures at the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds in southeast Nuremberg bear witness even today to the megalomania of the National Socialist regime. This eleven square-kilometer site – four and a quarter square miles – was intended as a monumental backdrop for the grandiose events orchestrated by the Nazi Party. At the Congress Hall – designed for a capacity of 50,000 but never completed, and now an exhibit itself – the Documentation Center maintains a permanent exhibition, "Fascination and Terror," as one component of the culture of remembrance, exploring the causes, contexts and consequences of the Nazi tyranny. Up-to-date media like computer animations, films and touch screens, an audio guide specially developed for young people, not to mention photos and other documents, offer a key to the site's buildings and to the history and background of the Nazi Party Rallies.

The Study Forum's well-lit seminar rooms are on the roof of the Documentation Center. The large front windows offer a panorama of the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds and their current uses.

Educational events booked into this setting offer a chance to explore the content of the exhibitions more fully in ways that are appropriate to your target group, using a wide variety of teaching methods.

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