Schedule and reservations

Documents encourage a deeper understanding of the history of the site's construction.

Guided tours cover the exhibition, the grounds, or both. Unless indicated otherwise, moderated programs also include a guided tour of the exhibition. Particularly during the 2-hour moderated programs, the tours focus on specific items and topics, but visitors are welcome to explore further on their own afterwards. Following a brief introduction to the topic, the docent will ask the group about its background knowledge, reasons for visiting and any special requests. Docents can also be contacted in advance to discuss particular points of emphasis. Educational services on offer also include discussions about propaganda and historical films in the Center's own movie theater.

Guided tours can be reserved in 2 or 3-hour formats; with a few exceptions, moderated programs are organized in 2, 3 or 6-hour formats. The entries for the various options also include a brief survey of content, a choice of duration, recommended audiences, the docent, and the available foreign languages. You can make reservations using the reservation form directly under the various event listings.

Booking Office

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Non-binding inquiries:

Questions about reservations and advice:
Tel. +49 (0)911 231 - 73 12
Thursday: 9 a.m. - 12 a.m.

Hints on Reservations

We're happy to try to accommodate your desired dates, but please note that we need a lead time of at least two weeks. Your reservation will be processed as soon as possible, generally within two weeks, and will be confirmed by the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds. Please do not send follow-up inquiries during that processing period.

When your reservation is confirmed by email, it becomes a legal commitment on your part. An administration fee will be charged for reservation changes, and a cancellation fee will be due if you cancel. The cancellation fee is half the charge for the event if the reservation is canceled within seven days before the reserved date; the full event charge will apply for cancellations a day or less in advance (for weekend dates, cancellations after 12 noon on Friday). Groups should gather on time at the designated meeting point. We regret that we cannot guarantee a tour for latecomers because the space may be needed for subsequent groups.

Prices for Educational Events; Group Sizes

All indicated prices are for groups of not more than 25 individuals, or school classes attending as a class. Admission to the exhibition is not included and will be charged separately. To make sure participants and guides can take advantage of the quality we aim for in both the content and organization of our events, we recommend that groups of more than 20 persons should be divided up. For groups of more than 25 persons, or (so as to keep the class together) 33 students in a school class, we will automatically divide the group up at the time the reservation is made.

Payment Options

Payments may be made in cash, via ec-cash or by credit card at the ticket desk. Unfortunately we cannot take credit card payments online. Advance payment and payment upon invoice is available only to regular visitors in large groups. Vouchers from the educational and participation package may also be used for educational events and for admission; this offer applies only for visits by school children as a class group, and "excursion vouchers" must be settled by way of the school.