Schedule and reservations

Due to the current spread of coronavirus, we had to close our house until further notice. All events and educational programs are cancelled.

Program information

The offers contain information about the content, the education partner who will be conducting the event, and the recommended target group. The duration of the event as well as foreign language offerings can be selected separately. Moderated programs usually include a visit to an exhibition, which enables participants to independently expand upon what they have learned after the event. The partner who is conducting the event can be contacted in advance to agree upon the main focus.

Prices for Educational Events; Group Sizes

All indicated prices are for groups of not more than 25 individuals, or school classes attending as a class. Admission to the exhibition is not included and will be charged separately. To make sure participants and guides can take advantage of the quality we aim for in both the content and organization of our events, we recommend that groups of more than 20 persons should be divided up. For groups of more than 25 persons (or 33 students in a school class) we will automatically divide the group up at the time the reservation is made.

Payment Options

Payments may be made in cash, via ec-cash or by credit card at the ticket desk. Unfortunately we cannot take credit card payments online. Advance payment and payment upon invoice is available only to regular visitors in large groups. Vouchers from the educational and participation package may also be used for educational events and for admission; this offer applies only for visits by school children as a class group, and "excursion vouchers" must be settled by way of the school.

Data security

Only the data necessary to process your booking request will be gathered
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