The Information System at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds

For the 2006 FIFA World Cup, the City of Nuremberg installed an extensive information system at the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds. Since then, all visitors to this historic site have been able to learn more about the Nazi Party Rallies right where they happened. Large panels at 23 locations around the site's 380 hectares provide text (in German and English), graphics and maps to help explain the history and significance of the propaganda events that the National Socialists organized in Nuremberg.

The 2006 information system on the site was created by Xiaotian Li and Christof Popp (Atelier Lipopp). The texts were prepared by Dr. Eckart Dietzfelbinger (formerly of the Documentation Center at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds) and Dr. Matthias Strobel (formerly of the Cultural Affairs Department of the City of Nuremberg). If no photo credit is given for a picture, the rights are held by the Documentation Center at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds.

The texts for the audio files were prepared by Gerhard Liedtke. Voice actors: Petra Nacke, Norbert Küber, Pius-Maria Cüppers. Production: Markus Amann. With support from Bayerischer Rundfunk/Franconia Studio.