Dürer's house over the centuries

Johann Heinrich Hintze: Albrecht Dürer's House on Thiergärtnertorplatz (around 1830).

The residence of the famous Nuremberg painter and graphic artist Albrecht Dürer is situated close to Tiergärtnertor right below the Castle. The artist bought it at the height of his fame in 1509, and lived and worked here until his death in 1528, together with his wife Agnes, his mother, his pupils and apprentices.

The building passed to other owners after Dürer's death, but its connection with its most eminent resident was never forgotten. As early as 1675, famed German Baroque painter Joachim von Sandrart called attention to how very special the house was – and thus it has been preserved down to the present.

As early as 1949, the major damage caused by World War II was repaired. In 1971, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the artist's birth, a modern exhibition annexe was built.