Photography and filming permits

Filming and photography at the Nuremberg Municipal Museums

Municipal structures – including the buildings of the Nuremberg Municipal Museums – that are located on public streets and plazas can be reproduced "with the means of painting or graphics, photography or film." Under German copyright law, this is known as "freedom of panorama." Public thoroughfares, streets and plazas means those that are normally accessible to all.

Photography inside buildings of the Nuremberg Municipal Museums

You may take photographs at no charge for your personal, non-commercial use in enclosed Museum spaces and fenced-in grounds, but we must insist that you do not use flashes, tripods or other stands.

You must obtain advance permission from the Museum concerned for any use other than your own non-commercial purposes. For the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds, please contact:

Documentation Center at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds
Bayernstraße 110
90478 Nürnberg
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