Memorium Nuremberg Trials
Guided tour of the permanent exhibition

A guided tour of the Memorium.

What legal basis did the victorious allied powers use for the Nuremberg Trial? What was the basis for the claim that this was a fair trial? What were the legal, moral and political dimensions of the Trial of the Main War Criminals?

These and other questions will be addressed during a tour of the exhibition. The focus will be on the defendants, the prosecutors, the defence counsels, the witnesses and judges as well as the crucial moments of the trial. In addition, tour participants will be given some insight into the so-called Follow-up Trials and the establishment of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Courtroom 600 will also be included in the tour. Occasionally, Courtroom 600 is not accessible due to events or constructional work taking place there.

If desired, focus points or specific issues may be agreed in advance when the guided tour is booked, such as a focus on specific defendants, on the role of the military during World War II or on the way the judiciary of the Federal Republic of Germany dealt with National Socialist crimes.

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