Stations of the exhibition

The exhibition is divided into three parts. The first and biggest exhibition room describes the background, the individuals involved, and the course of the Major War Criminals Trial. The second topic area is devoted to the legal prosecution of Nazi crimes after 1946. A general overview of the Subsequent Nuremberg Trials explains the scope and duration of these trials. This part also examines specific key trials as they relate to the prosecution of Nazi crimes in Germany and abroad. The third and final part of the exhibition is devoted to the legacy of the Nuremberg Trials, leading all the way to the International Criminal Court in Den Haag.

The topics covered in each of the exhibition sections are listed below:

I. The Major War Criminals Trial in Nuremberg (1945/46)

1. Background
2. The road to the International Military Tribunal (IMT)
3. The defendants
4. The litigants
5. Press and media
6. Conduct of the trial
7. The verdicts

II. The Subsequent Trials in Nuremberg (1946-1949)

1. Nazi crimes on trial
2. Subsequent Nuremberg Trials
3. How Germans deal with the Nazi past

III. From Nuremberg to Den Haag

1. International criminal courts of the present day
2. Armed conflicts since 1945
3. Film with contemporary witness accounts
4. "Justice Matters"
(This part of the exhibition is presented in collaboration with the International Criminal Court, Den Haag)