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Plans for the Future – Renovations and Redesign

The Memorium Nuremberg Trials was opened in November 2010 with great international attention. In recent years, more than 100,000 guests from all over the world visit the permanent exhibition and, whenever possible, the historic courtroom of the Nuremberg Trials. Until March 2020, Courtroom 600 has only been accessible on trial-free days as part of the exhibition tour, which has repeatedly led to disappointment in the past. For the future, however, the Memorium is planning comprehensive expansions that will include both the permanent exhibition and Courtroom 600, as well as an infrastructure for educational work and visitor services. Some of these extensions have already been implemented.

An important basis for this expansion was created in 2016 with the signing of the usage agreement with the Free State of Bavaria, which will provide the Memorium Nuremberg Trials with significantly increased space. The contract stipulates that the second floor in the east wing of the Palace of Justice will serve largely as exhibition space in the future, while the first floor will house seminar and office space. The International Nuremberg Principles Academy moved to the ground floor as the immediate neighbor of the Memorium.

A further cornerstone for the expansion of the Memorium was laid with the purchase of the car repair shop on Fürther Straße in front of the historic building by the City of Nuremberg. Until the visitor center is built, the former workshop will be used on an interim basis as a temporary exhibition space.
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The expansion of the Memorium is planned in three steps:

1. Equipping Courtroom 600

As of March 2020, Courtroom 600 is no longer in use for court hearings. With this, the courtroom is completely decoupled from its original purpose for the first time in its more than one hundred years of use. This marks the end of a decades-long process of transformation from courtroom to place of remembrance.

On November 20, 2022, the media installation "Zeitreise Saal 600 | Courtroom 600: Time Travel" opened. This is a multimedia presentation that virtually revives Courtroom 600 in its historical state at the time of the Nuremberg Trials. On the one hand, it is thus possible to preserve the existing building structure to a large extent and, on the other hand, to provide a vivid insight into the courtroom of 1945/46.
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2. Extension of the Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibition, which is currently limited to the area on the top floor, will in future additionally extend over a large part of the 2nd floor. This will not only almost double the exhibition space, but will also make the historic consultation room of the allied judges accessible for example.

3. Construction of a Visitor Center

On the site of the former garage in front of the entrance to the Memorium, a visitor center is planned in which, in addition to an entrance area with a cash desk and the usual service offers, the creation of seminar rooms and areas for temporary exhibitions is planned, which the house currently has only in a very limited manner.

Please note!

The building measures for the musealization of Courtroom 600 have been completed. Concrete plans and time phrames for the realization of expansion steps two and three do not yet exist.

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