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Educational programs during the Pandemic

Since September 2, 2021, guided tours and educational programs for school classes and other groups are available for booking again. All on-site offers are regularly adapted to the current regulations and are in accordance with hygiene concepts. Please be always aware of necessary certificates, mask requirements and contact tracing regulations when booking and attending an educational program.

Currently, our educational programmes can only be booked by email. Please provide us with the following information:

  • First name/ surname and, if applicable, institution/ school
  • Telephone number
  • Number of people attending
  • Class level, if applicable
  • Desired date and time of the programme, alternative if necessary
  • Title of the desired event

Please send your email with your request for one of our educational programmes to
Our booking office will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the receipt of your booking.

We offer different programs for classes and other groups. Please note the intended target groups while choosing a program.

Moderated Discussions

Our moderated discussions consist of a guided tour through the exhibition and courtroom 600. Afterwards, the chosen topic will be discussed via interactive formats such as group works and media. You can choose between two, three, or four-hour programs.

Target groups: classes, people with learning disabilities, university students, adults, civic education groups, military and police

Moderated Discussions

Digital Offers

Book an interactive online seminar on the Nuremberg Trials, which is digitally carried out by one of our experienced guides. This offer can be booked by school classes and interested groups.

Target groups: School classes, students, adults, army groups and police groups

Interactive Online Seminar

Independent visit

Groups can also visit the Memorium on their own. We offer a self-guided visit with audio guides as well as worksheets for classes.

Target groups: classes, groups and adults

Audio guides
Work Sheets

Guided tour

A guided tour through the exhibition and courtroom 600.

Target groups: university students, adults, civic education groups, military and police

Guided tours for groups

The moderated discussions or guided tours must be booked two weeks before the visit to the exhibition at the latest.

Please note: No educational programs will be held as long as the official limitations on contact still apply. Unfortunately there is no way for us to determine a date yet for when our programs will be able to resume.

Yes, the booking is binding as soon as you have received your booking information.

You can use the following methods of payment:
– Cash
– girocard
– Credit Cards: VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro, Mastercard

In exceptional cases, you can be billed for your purchases.

Groups should appear within the appointed timeframe, otherwise we cannot guarantee execution of the program because the necessary rooms have other occupants.

When the program is cancelled by the customer, a forfeit fee is payable. It amounts to the full fee, if the program is cancelled one day before the agreed date (for weekend dates, the deadline is Friday noon), and to half the program fee, if the cancellation is within seven days before the agreed date.

In one group can be a maximum of 25 people or one school class.

All prices are package prices for the pedagogical program. In addition to this is the entrance to the exhibition for all participants.

If there are further questions, we are happy to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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