Historical film footage

Nazi Concentration Camps by George Stevens (Germany 1945)

The Nazi Plan by Ray Kellogg (Germany 1945)

Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today by Stuart Schulberg (United States 1947)

Das Gericht der Völker by Roman Karmen and Jelisaweta Swilowa (Sovjet Union 1946)

Feature films and documentaries

The Nuremberg Trial/ Nazi Crimes and Punishment (Wieder aufgerollt: Der Nürnberger Prozeß) by Felix Podmaniczky (Germany 1958)

Judgement at Nuremberg by Stanley Kramer (United States 1961)

The Memory of Justice by Marcel Ophüls (United States 1976)

Nuremberg by Yves Simoneau (United States, Canada 2000)

Speer and Hitler – The devil's architect (Speer und Er) by Heinrich Breloer (Germany 2005)

Nuremberg: Nazis on trial by Paul Bradshaw, Nigel Paterson and Michael Wadding (United Kingdom 2006)

Nuremberg: The Nazis facing their crimes by Christian Delage (France 2006)

The Lost Films of Nuremberg by Jean-Christophe Klotz (France 2021)

Films shown during our events

The Council of the Gods (Der Rat der Götter) by Kurt Maetzig (GDR 1950)

Roses for the Persecutor (Rosen für den Saatsanwalt) by Wolfgang Staudte (FRG 1959)

Anfrage by Egon Monk (FRG 1962)

Das radikal Böse by Stefan Ruzowitzky (Germany 2013)

The People vs Fritz Bauer (Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer) by Lars Kraume (Germany 2015)

The Collini Case (Der Fall Collini) by Marco Kreuzpaintner (Germany 2019)